About me

My strong aspiration to find and understand the deep purpose and meaning of everything surrounding me has shaped not only my personality but also my career path. Beginning my professional life as a passionate designer, which has taught me that everything is possible and human talent is endless, I realised the potential of creativity, innovations, and design thinking in the transition toward a sustainable society. This resulted in pursuing a fulfilling career within the design & sustainability field where I believe I could reach my full potential.

Personality and career-wise I try to live by these few rules:

  • I Try to accept the difficulties as challenges or a chance to get better and stronger, rather than allow them to become barriers.
  • I strive to know the answer of the question “Why?” in everything I am doing.
  • I try to look at situations from various perspectives, as I believe nothing is just ‘black’ or ‘white’ and the truth is somewhere in between.
Communications Assistant at Union of Brunel Students

Visually “talking” to Brunel students – a fun challenge!

Junior Designer at Ralev.com

A year full of exciting branding, print and web projects! Wait, am I missing something?

Graphic Design Intern at EngView Systems JSC

Corporate environment – the place to learn how to collaborate with non-designers.

MSc Sustainability, Entrepreneurship & Design

Brunel University London, UK | 2014-2015

BA Graphic Design & Multimedia

University of Worcester, UK | 2010-2013

23 High School Frederic Joliot-Curie

Sofia, Bulgaria | 1998-2010

Special Qualities

  • 3 years of exp. in Graphic Design & Multimedia
  • Professionalism & Attention to detail
  • Problem solving
  • Team & Solo player
  • Sustainability knowledge

My Skills

Photoshop & Illustrator - 99%

99% Complete

InDesign & After Effects - 70%

70% Complete

Wordpress + CSS + HTML - 50%

50% Complete

Autodesk Maya - 50%

50% Complete


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